[Portal] Linking dos and don'ts

Internal links tie Wikipedia together and help readers learn more about a topic.

Link to relevant pages that aid understanding of the subject, and generally:
Green check.png Check that your link points to the intended target
Green check.png Use piping to fit link text into the prose
Green check.png Link to sections of pages where appropriate
Green check.png Add red links that would make useful articles
Green check.png Create redirects from sub-topics or alternate titles
Green check.png Link to obscure words in Wiktionary
Green check.png Link to pages on sister projects where relevant

Red x.svg Don't link to common words, dates, or units
Red x.svg Don't link to disambiguation pages in articles
Red x.svg Don't link to user, project, draft, or talk pages in articles
Red x.svg Don't link to unexpected targets
Red x.svg Don't put external links in article prose
Red x.svg Don't put links in section headings
Red x.svg Don't change the color of links

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