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Browsing and editing

wikEd is a full-featured in-browser text editor for Wikipedia edit pages
  • Editing tools, tools intended to provide enhanced editing functionality. Contains edit page tools, edit bots, spellcheckers, wikisyntax conversion utilities, etc.
  • Browser tools, tools categorized by browser type
  • Citation tools, tools for citing and referencing
  • Anti-vandalism tools, tools for patrolling and cleaning up Wikipedia
  • Alternative browsing, alternatives to accessing Wikipedia through your web browser (mobile devices, desktop integration, alternate portals, etc.)
  • User scripts, a collection of JavaScript routines that add functionality to Wikipedia pages (e.g., regex search and replace, changing article formatting, and simplifying common tasks)
  • WatchlistBot is a bot that delivers realtime alerts via instant message (XMPP) when watched articles are edited or when watched users or IP networks edit.
  • Navigation shortcuts offer the ability to add personal links to the sidebar, providing quick and easy access to favourite articles within Wikipedia.



Google tools

Note: Google search results can be several days or even weeks out of date.

Page histories


  • User:Ixfd64/revision sizes, R program for visualizing revision sizes over time
  • Wikipedia:Wiki2VCS, script that loads histories onto one's computer, so that they can be quickly diffed and searched
  • XTools Page History Page statistics and visualization, provides sortable and exportable list of all contributors with number of edits and amount of added text. Provides also results of syntax and grammar checks and latest assessment history.

Finding the responsible user

  • WikiBlame, searches for given text in versions of article
  • whoCOLOR, browser script for Grease/Tampermonkey, highlights original authors directly in the article, gets data from a publicly accessible API

User edit counts and analysis

Edit counters

User interaction analysis

  • Editor Interaction Analyzer compares the edits of two to three specified editors to see which articles overlap, sorted by minimum time between edits by both users. Only works on the English Wikipedia. Speed: slow.
  • Intersect Contribs, compares the edits of two to eight editors at any WMF wiki to see which articles overlap. Speed: fast.
  • Intertwined contributions, merges the contributions of two editors at any WMF wiki into a single list. Speed: fast.
  • Interaction Timeline a chronological history of two users' across pages where they both made edits.


Importing (converting) content to Wikipedia (MediaWiki) format

Google Docs Spreadsheet

  • MediaWiki Table Utility or this updated version This class constructs a MediaWiki-format table from an Excel/GoogleDoc copy&paste. It provides a variety of methods to modify the style. It defaults to a Wikipedia styling with first column header.[2]

Microsoft Office


2007 and later
Prior versions
  • For other Macro, see mw:Word macros, Visual Basic macros to use within Microsoft Word to prepare content to be pasted into a Wikipedia page.
  • wikEd, a full-featured in-browser text editor for Wikipedia edit pages that can convert text and tables pasted from Microsoft Word with a button click


  • excel2wiki: Copy & Paste Excel-to-Wiki Converter
  • tab2wiki: Converts tables (tab-delimited, e.g. copied from Excel) to Wikitext tables
  • de:Wikipedia:Technik/Text/Basic/EXCEL-Tabellenumwandlung/en: Convert EXCEL-Table with most formatting like background- and fontcolor, fontstyle(bold/italic), columnheight, -width, etc. to Wiki-tableformat
  • de:Benutzer:Duesentrieb/csv2wp (en) or CSV Converter: Converts many types of spreadsheet tables, including CSV, tab-separated, etc., to MediaWiki or HTML
  • csv2other: a free open source tool, in .net, to convert CSV and EXCEL files to wiki table format
  • Mediawiki CSV Import tool: A proprietary, commercial, tool to create mass Mediawiki pages using CSV datasource and variable based templates. Results merged into a valid Mediawiki XML Import file.
  • wiki2csv: a commmand line tool that can convert wikitables to CSV and back. Useful to edit wikitables in Excel (or OpenOffice).


  • LibreOffice Writer is free. It can open almost any file format. It can export to Mediawiki: File menu > export > save as type > MediaWiki. It will save the file as a .txt file which can be opened with any text editor. Copy the wiki code from the text file. You can save any web page as an HTML file, and then open it in LibreOffice Writer. Edit as needed. Remove the parts you don't want. Keep only tables for example. Then export to MediaWiki. Tables can be further edited in LibreOffice Calc. See: Commons:Convert tables and charts to wiki code or image files. And: Help:Table and the section on spreadsheets and the Visual Editor.


  • Html2Wiki is an extension for MediaWiki that imports HTML




Google Slides

Google Docs

Many formats

  • Pandoc is a universal document converter

Export: Conversion to other formats

PDF, EPub, Odt and LaTeX

HTML for Wordpress blogs

Geotagging related tools

  • GeoLocator, Wikipedia compatible geotagging metadata generator and coordinate editor


  • Syndication, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Researching Wikipedia: Tools for data analysis
  • Not English, tools that have not yet been translated completely into English. Some need their descriptions translated from German, others are not available in English. Help translate if you can!
    • Note: Checkinks is buggy use with caution. Consider using instead Internet Archive Bot which can be found in the History tab of any page: "Fix dead links" – login does not require a password.
  • WikiBiff, To alert users when they have new messages waiting on their talk pages
  • Desktop Watchlist, Enhanced watchlist for Windows
  • Category Watchlist, Watching additions and removals to categories
  • CategoryWatchlistBot, Watch category and/or template additions/removals, supports partial name matches and subcategories
  • PetScan (manual), searches categories recursively. will find subcategories that overlap with other categories, templates, etc.
  • User:SuggestBot for suggested articles you might like to edit
  • RAMP editor: can generate enhanced authority records for creators of archival collections
  • XEcho Shows your global cross-wiki notifications from 800+ wikis at a glance
  • quarry:, a place to run queries on databases of Wikimedia projects
  • MTC!, A tool that makes it easy to transfer files to Commons en masse.
  • Wiki Editor Plugin for Notepad++ 32-bit (x86) – a free source code editor.
  • MediaWiki Tables Generator (online)

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